Sony PS3 Repair

Professional Sony PS3 Repair Services in the UK

Do you require Sony PS3 repair services for your broken or defective PlayStation 3? Creative IT, based in Central London, offers excellent repair services at the most competitive prices in the UK. Our Sony PlayStation repair centre specializes in providing quick and cost-effective Sony PS3 console repair solutions for our clients. Creative IT is staffed with highly-skilled and trained game console repair technicians who provide specialist video game troubleshooting and repair services.

Being a leading game console repair company in the UK, Creative IT offers comprehensive Sony PS3 repair and replacement services so that you can enjoy Blu-ray disc movies and high definition games at the earliest. We can help you to
Sony PS3 Repair

  • Troubleshoot disc freezing
  • Set up Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection
  • Set up Wired (Ethernet) connection
  • Troubleshoot Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection
  • Troubleshooting picture problems
  • Upgrading your hard disk drive (HDD)
  • Fix the PS3 Bluetooth controller issue
  • Fix the blinking PS3 problem

As part of Sony PS3 repair services in the UK, Creative IT can help troubleshoot and fix all problems associated with your Sony PlayStation 3 including abnormal noise, faulty disc, issues connecting to TV, DVD issue, disc reading issue, faulty disc tray, no power, picture problem, sound problem, port problem, scratching discs, overheating, firmware corruption, WiFi fault, battery not button(s) not responding, analogue stick not responding / stuck, excessive dust / dirt under screen, memory stick duo stuck, faulty power switch, UMD reading issue and UMD tray faults.

Connecting your Sony PS3 to the Internet opens up a whole new world of online entertainment. As part of Sony PS3 repair services in the UK, we can assist you to connect your PS3 to the Internet. Our team can be of assistance when you experience picture and sound problems on a PS3 computer entertainment system connected via an HDMI cable.

For more details regarding our Sony PS3 repair services in the UK, please contact us on phone at 020 7232 5027 or email us at

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