PS3 Yellow Light of Death Repair

Creative IT, based in Central London, offers excellent Sony PlayStation 3 repair services in case you have encountered the Yellow Light of Death at very competitive prices in the UK. There are many errors and problems that you can encounter on the PS3 console. One of them is the PS3 Yellow Light of Death. Were you playing online and unexpectedly the game froze or were you downloading an update and later you come back to find that your Sony PlayStation 3 console had turned off. Later, when you turned your PS3 back on, to your amazement your PS3 gave you a Yellow Light of Death. This problem is basically identical to the Xbox 360's "Red Ring of Death" issue. PS3 Yellow Light of Death Repair

If your PS3 console attempts to turn on, then beeps and a yellow light comes on and then your favorite Sony PlayStation 3 shuts down or does not power on at all or shows no video our PS3 Yellow Light of Death repair specialists can help you out. If the hard-drive fails on your PS3 you may get a solid yellow led, this is referred to as the Yellow Light of Death. Also, the Sony PlayStation 3 is designed not to overheat, but if it does overheat, and you press the on button, it turns yellow to turn off. With over 10 years of video game console repair service, we have experienced it all from bad drives to overheating systems and freezing - and we have effectively dealt with it all.

If you are a customer that has a defective Sony PlayStation 3 console and experience the Yellow Light of Death, contact Creative IT for immediate PS3 Yellow Light of Death repair solutions. We specialize in the repairs of PlayStation 3 entertainment systems in London and all over the UK. Our PlayStation repair service includes repair or replacement of defective PS3 console parts. We successfully repair over 95% of the PS3 repair orders we take delivery of.

For more details regarding our London PS3 Yellow Light of Death repair services in the UK, please contact us on phone at 020 7232 5027 or email us You can send us your PS3 console and we will contact you with an estimate before starting the repair process.

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